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I have to say some things because, i love the game, i played it for 4 years, and i want to keep playing it.

I read one post where Dev asked someone to explain why CW2 is boring. Does he even play the game?

How can it be more fun ...to play a race with the same decks as ladder, than the randomness of "CW1 collection day "?
...a 1 MONTH race, than a 2 days war?

...different game modes for each WEEK, than different game modes for 2 days?
...to be obligated to play a race, than choose when to war?

...to play with cards levels according to your league position, than to play agains maxed players all the time?

...friendly free to play, than pay to win?

The difference between the clan wars, and the OneMonthClanRace2 is huge. I speak for myself, I don't need a video where the moderator lies to my face saying "colosseum is something you have never seen before". Just make some changes, accept that CW2 is ruining the game and it's just not fun. Make real changes. I keep hearing excellent ideas from the CR youtubers, why don't you hear them? Without them nobody will be playing the game by now.

I'm sorry if i made grammar mistakes. Not english native. And I'm sorry if I was rude in any way.


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