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redditState of the balance(in my perspective)

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I am a player who uses pekka bridgespam as my main deck and i have 1 gc win(last month:)) and 103 cc wins and i am currently 3000th in the world.(pb:6900)

First, I would like to name cards that is called OP by pro players. Heal spirit, fisherman, batbhut, knight. Gy is one of them but not oppressive as those mentioned before. Elite barbs are also insanely strong.

From now on, this is only my opinion, so feel free to debate.

Heal spirit should be 2 elixir since it will be too strong regardless of any change to it while it is 1 elixir. I don't like the card, but I certainly think it can be balanced by changing its elixir cost. It is bad to the game because how can 1 elixir counter 4elixir poison?

Fisherman killed most of giant and golem decks and is counter to bridgespam. All in all, it should be 4 elixir if Supercell doesn't want ro nerf him. I actually like fisherman, but it is too strong and give way much value than 3 elixir. At least they should get rid of slow effect and it wont kill the card.

Fisherman and heal spirit combo is the main thing that barb hut is thriving. You usually cant defend the healspirit push with same elixir unless you have log or barb barrel, or even fireball. The point is, you cant defend with same amount of elixir with 'units'. Because of heal spirit, those units tend to have little counterpush or none at all. That's why barb hut was everywhere last season. Still, I think they should delete two barbs that spawn when barb hut busts. Too much value.

Knight has been Op for long. Gy or logbait players tend to deny it, but after he got 5percent hp buff when healer was released(totally unneeded),it is always there in the grand challenge top use rates. It has too much hp and I hope they take away the 5 percent hp buff he received last year.

Elite barbs are also broken, yet I dont really hate them. Heal spirit is far more unbearable and it forces me to use log or barb barrel if i want to win ladder easily. Ebarbs need only a slight nerf and I would suggest it dies to one shot of sparky.

I still dont understand ewiz and sparky nerf lol. If you have any other ideas, please share it and I dont mind criticisms.

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