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redditCW2 Changes! (Effort post)

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  1. River Races - River races are not consecutive, but a river race will start when the leader chooses
    to start it. Allows chill clans to opt out without losing trophies.
  2. Leagues - Each league will have a fixed amount of fame. For bronze, it is like 20000-30000 fame.
    For legendary league, it is 50000+.
  3. Matchmaking - Clans will be matched with clans that have a similar amount of members.
  4. Time zones- Too easy. I don't get why the CR team won't do this. Just make an individual
    cooldown for each deck instead of global reset. Simple
  5. Fame- remove level based fame. Too pay-to-win.
  6. Boot Loot- Buff it! It sucks. Also add a line where if clans cross, they get the chest but the places
    the clan finishes in after the line will determine WHAT chest the clan gets. Nerf the
    chest by a little.

Thx for reading!

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