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redditdiscussion + idea : the problem with CR and a possible fix (a game mechanic to spice up CR game play).

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discussion + idea : the problem with CR and a possible fix (a game mechanic to spice up CR game play).

oooooooooo, interesting

sup guys, I am Ammdado, i have been playing this game for over 4 years, and i can confidently say, this game is awesome, but sadly am not here today to praise CR.

discussion :

(disclaimer : am talking about top ladder and the pro scene here, the stuff i am talking about doesn't apply to mid and low ladder).

the problem i see with the game is it got solved, you are not playing the same game you used to play in 2016, now most players know the proper timing and placement of troops and buildings, the magic of not knowing an interactions is nonexistent (except for new cards, which also get solved in a week or so), the game is now all about who can put the other player in an unfamiliar situation through outplaying or out cycling. this problem puts a lot of emphasis on matchup experience and the unique scenarios the player knows,after all, the more matchup experience you have and the more scenarios you know the less likely it is to get into an unfamiliar situation, and add to that the fact, after learning how to count cads and elixir there is no other advanced game mechanic to sink your teeth into, as a result, you have a game with a not so high skill ceiling, where the only thing needed to succeed is to grind the game 24/7, that's why i think, clash royal is in desperate need of a new mechanic to put the players on their toes.

idea :

Para 1 -> the game mechanic

Para 2&3&4 -> how could it be implemented into the game

Para 5 -> the positives of the mechanic

Para 6 -> the negatives of the mechanic

The game mechanic is .drum roll, please. dark elixir and dark elixir cards, now I know ( I did my research ) this isn't an entirely new game mechanic, in fact, there is a lot of people who have suggested this mechanic before, but the problem with most of them is, they usually fetch underdeveloped ideas with no details what so ever, so today, am going to try my best to avoid that problem and bring a well developed game mechanic that could be realistically implemented into the game.

Before I start , let me put a disclaimer out there,(my way of implementing this mechanic is one of many, there for, there is going to be a lot of debates about the right way to implement it (or at least I hope so), so please don’t come bombarding me in the comment section, if you have some good suggestion or a better way of implement this game mechanic please comment it down below and I'll happily read it and give you my honest opinion ), and with that out of the way, let's start.

Am going to mainly talk about 2 things, "how would it work in the deck selection screen" and "how would it work in a match", to start, you now have 10 cards in your deck instead of the normal 8, those 2 additional cards are dark elixir cards, so now you have 8 normal elixir cards and 2 dark elixir cards in your deck, the whole UI of the deck select screen would need a change, so I am going to provide an example of how the new UI could look (excuse my lackluster photoshopping skills).

the 2 cards at the bottom are dark elixir cards (you could put dark elixir cards any where in your deck,the game will separate them automatically, that's needed for the next part)

my original vision was for there to be 2 separate section for each card type, but i couldn't fit 2 slide bars into the image, soooooooooooooo, imagine it i gessssssss. any way, the left section is for dark elixir cards, you can move each section individually

When you load into a match, you'll immediately see 2 main changes, the 1st is you now have 5 cards at a time instead of 4, and the 2nd is you now have 2 elixir bars, the old normal one and a brand new dark elixir bar, the dark elixir bar would have only 5 spaces and will fill 3 times slower than the normal elixir bar, this will ensure .for the most part. they won't both fill up at the same time, as for the changes to the card cycle, you will now have 2 cycles, one for your normal cards and one for your dark elixir cards, the UI of the battle screen will need to change too, so this is an example of how it could look in game (again, excuse my lackluster photoshopping skills).

that mysterious card is a dark elixir card, (note : the dark elixir cards don't have a "next card" because the dark elixir cycle have only 2 cards, you can see the card you have and know the next card)

Positives :

1-it could renew interest in the game.

2- it opens the door for new and unique strategies.

3- a whole bunch of new content for the game, i mean, think about all of the new cards and the challenges we could get.

4- it could improve supercell's bottom line.

Negatives :

1- it takes away form the simplistic design of the game.

2- this isn’t a good long term solution as the same problem mentioned in the discussion could come back with enough time.

3- more over leveling of cards (note : i don't think this should be a deciding factor on weather this game mechanic should be implemented or not).

in the end, CR is one of my favorite games and it hurts to see it struggling, it's still alive and well, but it is in need of innovation for sure,

thank you for reading.

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