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I’m prepared to get crapped on here. I don’t expect any less. But I gotta speak my mind before I finally delete one of my favorite games of this decade.

Being able to power out your win strat while countering many decks with purely cheaper cards, getting you back to your win strat... I’m sure it sounds fun to play, but any gaming veteran of virtually any niche should be able to recognize how broken this can be.

Yes, I understand these decks tend to have a relatively high skill ceiling, and can look pretty bad against a few matchups. But against a large portion of the meta, at the highest level, these decks provide some of the most frustrating, un-fun, dice-rolley matches in the game. The fact that certain matchups skew so absurdly towards or against the decks should be a red flag, to say the LEAST.

I’ve been playing this game for years, with a nearly-maxed account and I land between 5.8 and 6.2k every season I play. I’m not the best, but not a potato, and so I feel I’m entitled to my opinion on high-level gameplay.

But until something’s done about these, and other decks that virtually win or lose most of their matches before anyone plays a card, I gotta take a break. It’s just too much anxiety for something that should be helping relieve it. CW2 was a giant step backwards, and a lot of work on something that wasn’t broken while the entire game’s balance is so absurdly rigid and toxicity is reaching early-LoL levels of salt.

I think the whole game needs a big shakeup. Maybe larger decks, maybe card reworks... honestly I don’t know. I’m no expert on balancing games, but after over twenty years of card, board, and video games I know when something feels broken. And a good player with a cycle deck against one of their good matchups... that IS broken.

So hate on me if ya want.. I just wish the game had a bigger, better team working on it. It certainly makes enough money. With the state of the game, and types of content being added, I can’t help but feel like we’re all being robbed.

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