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redditClash Royale has gotten too competitive and too stressful for it's own good.

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I used to have a different stance on this argument. I thought that the competitive spirit of the game made it more appealing and fun to players. However, as I started to play less with school, I realized how unappealing the game is because of its competitiveness.

For example, the main places to battle are: Ladder, Party Mode, Clan Wars, Challenges, and Tournaments. However, for most casual, semi-decent players, they will be around Master 1-2 skill level. This means that Challenges like Classic or Grand Challenges are way to difficult as they are filled with much higher-skill players, thus meaning that most players won't even touch Challenges.

Tournaments are kind of similar to Challenges but slightly less competitive. Even so, they are still populated with Champion or high-Master players which are hard to play against and overall just stressful.

Ladder and Clan Wars are basically the same with similar card levels and skill-levels as most clans should be around Silver/Gold League. This isn't fun because you either have to grind up to fight players who are kind of on your skill level, or just face overleveled opponents. And these matches can still be very stressful with the same intense 1v1 Battle.

This leaves only Party Mode, where you still are fighting with the same gamemodes for the whole day. And even these can get boring very fast with 2v2 or some random mode.

Overall, this game is too competitive and stressful, or just repetitive which makes it very difficult to spend lots of time on it. Even when your opponents are 3 levels lower than you, it's boring and unfun to play.

I remember over the summer I spent a lot of time playing and studying Clash Royale and trying to reach a new League. I played Tournaments and eventually reached my new best. However, once I stopped playing for a while, I felt like everyone was either way better than me, or way worse than me. This made me not want to play Tournaments as I felt I would just lose many times (I still do) and would rather do other things. However, I played Ladder and easily beat everyone in the lower Leagues, but didn't feel like grinding my way back up to my best.

It's kind of like Chess, where games are very intense and to the new player, they look very difficult, too competitive, or just too stressful to do. Unlike Brawlstars, Clash Royale really has no reliable way to just have fun and playing with friends or relax while playing. Brawl Stars has Special Events on weekends, Custom Map Making and a Community Map Mode, and the ability to team up with friends or clubmates.

I just wish there was some feature the dev team could implement which would tone down the competitiveness of the game. Maybe add a 3v3 mode or heck, maybe expand the Clan Size to 200 Members to have more friends to friendly battle in. These are just ideas, but Clash Royale needs to change its repetitive and competitive playstyle to make the game more appealing to new players and veteran players.

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