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reddit(New game mode ideas) Fantasy mode

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Note: This is new game mode so not replace the current one.

  • Add new elixir bar : Dark Elixir (DE) bar Which is slower than red elixir bar, the speed comparation is 1 DE = 2.5 elixir, so now will have both red elixir bar and dark elixir bar when playing the match

  • Add DE cards: now can add more nasty cards now! (but please don't add the D.E. Golem!!)

  • Add 4 card slot for DE cards: so the deck will have 12 card slot, 8 regular cards + 4 DE cards. When playing the match, on hands cards will still 4 cards, but 1 card slot exclusive for DE cards cycle, 3 more card slot for regular cards cycle, and also will show both of next regular cards and next DE cards on left.

  • Add Heroes: hero can be summon using x elixir and x DE elixir, example using 7 elixir + 5 DE elixir for summon barbarian king

  • Add creator arena mode: now we can modify our side of arena (half of the arena). We can put our king tower on the front, and princess tower on the back, or princess tower near the bridge, etc. Maybe can also add some obstacles that enemy need to attack before to the tower, and some accessories for decorate the arena.

  • Add variance tower's type: more strategic use of tower type, like long range tower with lower damage, high damage tower with slower hit speed and lower hp, DoT damage tower, slow effect tower, or maybe 4 princess tower with less HP tower etc

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