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redditThe new update did not address a single fundamental issue with CW2

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First of all, the changes were good. They nudged themselves in the right direction. However, there are several major issues that were not dealt with in any capacity and this is a serious problem. Here are the issues:

1.) The nature of the race makes it so that clans who are able to have members playing at ~midnight EST are inherently going to have an advantage over those who do not. One of the great things about CW1 was that I could do my attack whenever. This time obligation has completely destroyed the motivation of many players to play, and this division has created guild drama as the hardcore players are no longer able to align their playstyle with the skilled casuals.

2.) Involuntary participation means that instead of letting the ultra-casual friends of ours stick around we are encouraged to purge inactive members, even if they are going inactive for a week or two. If we want to be competitive we need to have a robust roster, and if we want a robust roster we need to put mobile gaming ahead of friendship. This works fine in World of Warcraft, but it is completely counter to the ethos of Clash Royale.

3.) The way decks are constructed creates a situation where you are playing on ladder with a disadvantage. Most players do not have 4 archetypes maxed. Even if they do, there are a lot of shared cards between archetypes (re: spells). As such, most players have 1 good deck, maybe 2, and then 3 and 4 are both heavily restricted. The restricted card aspect of CW1 was excellent since it promoted creativity, however in CW2 it has the opposite effect. Why? Because you can be playing your 4th string deck and go up against someone who is using their 1st string meta deck. They are essentially playing unrestricted while you are playing restricted. Combine this with the propensity for hard counters and you end up with frustrating, unwinnable games all too often. This is true even for players with maxed everything, so it's absolutely miserable for the rest of the community.

4.) Waiting for another clanmate to finish all 4 battles is just annoying. In CW1 it was kinda cool to support your clanmates as they fought their one war battle, and waiting wasn't a big deal. Now I have to wait 12 minutes (or more) for them to finish. If I could just log off and do my battles in the morning that would be chill, but the time-sensitive aspect of CW2 means I am stuck watching my buddy stomp the opposition in his first two battles, then get frustrated and mauled in his second two, all the while knowing that I have the same frustration coming my way when he's done.

Sure, you can win all 4 battles. The best players will find a way to do it. The problem is that most players just get irritated by the system, and feel that they are facing unfair battles. With CW1 you'd occasionally roll a meta setup, however it wasn't always a meta setup you were used to. The end result was you had Golem specialists playing Bait decks, Bait specialists playing xbow, etc. Everyone was equally disadvantaged, and so most players could win most of the time if they played skillfully and built their deck well. Furthermore, the top players in a clan could create good decks for those who were less accomplished. Now most players just seem to set up their 4 decks and change them never because it's an arduous process that ultimately ends up being pointless more often than not.

Bottom line: CW2 is just not fun. The design is fundamentally flawed and it needs a massive rework. Honestly, I'd rather just go back to CW1. I don't know if this is representative of the entire playerbase, but my clan and our associated clans have lost most of our active members. Instead of having 20-30 people buying passes at the start of each season we're down to maybe 4-5.

Supercell: It's okay to admit when you've made a mistake. No rational person would be angry at you for saying "we made a mistake, and we're going to roll things back to CW1 with a few changes." I understand you worked hard on CW2. I get it. I have worked really hard on things in my life only to throw them out afterwards. It is not a good feeling, but it's better to move on than attempt to fix something that simply does not work.

I love this game, and I hate to see it in such a state.

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