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reddit"We wanted to change this to make the River Race a more enjoyable experience"

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I saw this quote in the patch notes, just wanted to comment this is never going to happen. The reason is SC made Clan War rewards too competitive. The race is 5 weeks long, meaning if you are in a very active clan, and if your clan finishes 1st in week1, you'll likely get 1st place in the other 4 weeks. Same for clan that finish last place. So for 5 weeks, lets say you have 2 happy clans (1st and 2nd), and 2 unhappy clans (4th and 5th), so that means 40% of the players will be unhappy for 5 weeks.

Remember CW2 is a zero-sum game, which means even with 5 super active clans competing , there's always a 1st place, and always a last (for 5 weeks!). It's the same with 5 inactive clan competing against each other! So it's hard to make the race "enjoyable" for everyone when the mechanics of CW2 is designed to always have losers.

Previously we didn't have this issue ; with Clan Chest everyone can be a winner ; with CW1 even though it's more competitive, your reward is based on the best week, so even if most weeks the clan did poorly, as long as one of the week your clan can get 1st or 2nd place etc, you still feel good about it, but most importantly, CW1 we didn't face the same clan every week, this allow more fluctuations in winning vs losing week to week which CW2 is lacking.

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