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redditWhy the time zone fix isn't a fix, and here's something that actually would work:

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Why the time zone fix isn't a fix, and here's something that actually would work:

This one will probably get long, but hey -- it's my lunch break:

The first thing is something you've probably already considered -- the issue with a global time zone.

Global Time Zone chart 3 days

Basically, it's all fine and good until clans actually start winning. Some regions of the world are favored heavily as they can get their 3rd battle in much earlier than other regions. So yes, while this solves the issue of some clans getting an extra attack at the beginning -- it still means some people would essentially have to stay up all night or clash during the workday to be competitive

How do we fix this?

Local time zones with a twist

You know how in Mario cart, or basically any other racing game, you can race against your shadow/ghost from a previous lap? Let's do that.

Let clans play on their own local time zones, but then 'transform' their time, each hour, to make it so the race duration is the same for each clan. The first boat to cross the line in 'relative time' wins. Updating the boats every hour means clans will still be able to see where their competition is, in relative time, but nobody will be penalized for living.... anywhere.

Here's how that'll look:With pure local time zones, the hell we've been dealing with, we get something like this:

Local time zones no magic

You can see that winners aren't actually better -- they're just... in a specific region (likely where SC makes the most money).

Here's what it'll look like if we have a relative race time, where the winner of each race is the clan who crosses the finish line first, relative to when they started (BTW, this is how competitive races are managed, with multiple starting times)

Normalized time zones

Isn't that satisfying -- the clans who win are the ones where people actually tried AND NOBODY HAD TO PULL AN ALL NIGHTER OR PLAY A PHONE GAME AT WORK!

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