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redditMinion Horde is in Serious Need of a Buff

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TLDR: Due to the amount of cards recently added which counter the minion horde, I propose that supercell implements a slight buff/rework to the card.

Contrary to the majority of this subreddit, I don’t believe that minion horde is by any means an awful card. It’s a niche card with a select few decks it can excel in, and there still are several minion horde players in the top 1k. However, almost every card over the past year has indirectly nerfed the minion horde. These cards and others have made the minion horde one of the easiest cards to make a positive elixir trade against. The last last five cards released (Royal Delivery, Firecracker, and Skeleton Dragons, Electro Giant, and Electro Spirit), all either counter or hard counters the minion horde. The card cannot seem to get a break, and as a minion horde user myself it is extremely frustrating to seeing the deck I’ve used for years now (Miner Bait) slowly becoming less viable as there are more splash units added into the game. My solution to make the card viable again is increasing its range back to two tiles, buffing it's damage and/or health, or removing the stagger deployment that was implemented a couple years back. They could also change its formation so it will be able to take down balloons and other air troops faster and splash cards such as wizard won't be able to one shot the minion horde anymore.

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