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redditMy own perspective on lvl dependent matchmaking.

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So, this is something that a lot of players want, in clan wars 2, in ladder. While this idea sounds great, I think this is just a bad idea.

It might sound good, but if you will always get enemies with the same levels as you, there is no reason to upgrade your cards anymore. Basically this is killing the biggest part of the game. Since there is no need for progression, the game will start losing the motivation factor that was keeping you playing (get some chests, win a challenge, etc). Long story short, the player will start to be bored since the battles won't give you anything special.

You could argue that the top ladder players are maxed, play on even field and are not bored, but remember that this are very dedicated players. For casual players, this will start to get boring since there is no major reason to play, since upgrading doesn't matter because you will start facing the same level.

You could argue that clash of clans is matching you with town hall around yours, but look at the bigger scheme. Upgrading isn't gonna make you stronger, but it will help you unlock new stuff to play it. There is other motivation factor that will keep you upgrading even if your level itself doesn't matter.

So unless the dev team is adding new abilities for new levels (and let's be honest, this is not gonna happen since there are 101 cards), the level dependent matchmaking has to be in the game, to give you a reason to upgrade your cards.

TL DR, the level dependent matchmaking would give you no reason to upgrade the cards, therefore killing the purpose of the game.

Hope this is not gonna get to hated, even if I know it will.

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