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redditThoughts on Clan Wars 2 Improvements and Fixes: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

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With the release of the latest TV Royale, here are my thoughts on the "Clan Wars 2 Improvements and Fixes." Please take it with a grain of salt as we still don't know everything down to the very last detail. I've focused solely on Clan Wars 2 and divided my thoughts into what I think is good, bad, and ugly.

The Good

  1. Participation cap: Now a Clan can battle with only 50 members per 24 hours. This is great and will prevent Clans from cycling members to gain Fame quickly.
  2. Clan matchmaking: Clans will now be matched against other Clans based on their performance—active Clans will now be matched against active Clans and casual against casual. This will improve Clans' experience in the Race and make the Race more competitive.
  3. River race length: The amount of Fame required to finish the River Race has been reduced. This is also great as it will help casual or small Clans finish the Race and not get the Boot.
  4. Fame boost: Clans that struggle to reach the finish line during the last few days of the Race will now receive multipliers to their Fame. As opposed to receiving the Boot or getting handed the fifth chest (which is a little too lazy as it would allow you to play just one battle and get a chest), with minimal effort, clans will now be able to catch up and finish the Race.
  5. New game modes: There will be new game modes, such as Triple Elixir and Sudden Death. This is great as these new modes will finally break the monotony of duels and regular battles.
  6. New Legendary Leagues: Divisions II and III have been added to the Legendary League, as promised three months ago.
  7. Clan UI changes: Bunch of new UI changes have been added. This will help Clan leaders better manage their Clans as well as give players a more enjoyable experience.
  8. Minimum clan member requirement: Now a Clan must have at least 10 members to participate in Clan Wars.
  9. Supercell ID friends: Now you'll be able to add friends using your Supercell ID.
  10. Other QOL changes: Boat battles now give the correct amount of gold and the Colosseum is now more distinct due to the little hovering bubble on top.

The Bad

  1. Time zone issue: A new global war deck cooldown has been added with deck reset time being 10 am UTC. Undoubtedly this is better than what we currently have. But a coordinated universal time will still be proven disadvantageous to some players and advantageous to others, as for some players 10 am UTC will be midnight and vice versa. The change, therefore, is an improvement, not a "fix."

The Ugly

  1. Level cap: Though Clan matchmaking has been improved, player matchmaking is still terrible, where low level players are matched against higher level players only to be clapped. Improvements in Clan matchmaking will not fix this issue and low level players will continue get punished in duels, regular battles, and clan boat attacks (not sure about the new game modes). Introducing level caps would have fixed this issue. Making things tournament standard would ensure maximum fairness. But level caps based on leagues (even though a Clan in gold league can and does have maxed out players same as a Clan in legendary league can and does have players with level 10 cards) would be a lot better than the current system.
  2. P2W aspect: Due to the lack of level caps, CWII still remains a pay to win concept, where you need 32 unique max cards, not to participate, but to win. Given the game's progression rate, this is really punishing to free to play and/or relatively new players.
  3. Fame based on card levels: The ultimate expression of this P2W aspect of the CWII is Fame being given based on a player's card levels. Not only you get matched with higher level players, if you somehow manage to win using your luck and skills, the game awards you less Fame than you would otherwise get with a maxed out deck.
  4. All cards are still not relevant: When you have to max 32 unique cards, you cannot make all cards relevant. Whereas a level cap would allow you to try out and experiment with new decks, in its absence, you must stick with four decks, making the game stale.
  5. Colosseum: After weeks of river race, the Colosseum remains a duel with some extra golds. It should be more than that. It could be like a tournament with better rewards. If it is to remain a duel, at the very least, it should offer some better rewards like gems or tokens or both.
  6. QOL changes: Being able to edit decks under cooldown was a highly requested feature. But we won't be getting it in this update, I guess.

"We know that this update doesn't include every single fix for Clan Wars ever."

I really hope so. Because though the changes made are mostly good, after three months of waiting, this update still leaves out a lot we were hoping for. I hope these things will the addressed in another update. When that is, remains to be seen. In the meantime, I also hope that the CR team communicates more with the community, which hasn't been their strong suit.

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