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redditMy opinion on the upcoming Clan Wars II improvements and fixes

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All in all... I'm actually pretty underwhelmed. I feel like most of them don't help to make Clan Wars II more fun, and for the most part, the changes try to bandage a broken system instead of fixing it.

Please keep the discussion civil, I will report bad comments. Here are my thoughts:

Timezone issues "Fixed"

  • Deck cooldowns reset at the same time war starts, so players have 7 uses of each deck slot.
  • This does fix the issue of some clans having an actual in-game advantage...
  • ... but it being called a "fix" to timezones is a slap in the face for clans that are widely asleep around 10 AM UTC.

Participation cap "Fixed"

  • Participation in a clan caps at 50. Once 50 players join a war, others who join the clan won't be able to participate.
  • Positive: Makes clan alliances less capable of cheating.
  • It doesn't cover the problem for smaller clans, it looks like? I mean, it was explained that matchmaking for smaller clans will be changed, but not in detail.

Matchmaking "Improved"

  • With secret variables. I don't really know what's going on here.
  • It would feel better for the players...
  • ... but it diversifies the clan pool instead of letting stronger clans move up naturally, which is what an actual good system would do.

New: Adjusted river lengths!

  • No details about this. Honestly, I need to see it for myself.

New: Fame boost!

  • Fame and repair points get doubled in the last 3 days.
  • Great! Looks like my clan might no longer be getting the stinky boot every time.
  • Overall, there isn't anything negative to say about this. It's a great idea, but it feels kinda like babysitting casual clans instead of making it fair for them.

New: Rotating gamemodes!

  • Edit: Are 1v1 and duels staying, with this being a third river task? TV Royale seemed to imply they are rotating with regular 1v1. If those stay, then I'm taking my words back about the negative things below and concluding that this is a major improvement!
  • Will make Clan Wars II more fun for a lot of people!
  • Less competitive, which some people would dislike.
  • Without card level caps, you would need to be constantly switching your decks. You won't want to have X-Bow Cycle for the week of Triple Elixir. It's hard to switch war decks up, especially weekly.
  • And with different sets of decks you may need to use, the problem of card levels aggravates.
  • While 1v1 is balanced, some cards are so good in specific gamemodes, that you won't be able to construct 4 good decks for them. Making it lopsided when you fight other players like yourself.

New: Legendary leagues!

  • Basically, Legendary II and Legendary III are now a thing.
  • This would improve matchmaking at the top, it's a positive for a lot of clans.

New: Clan UI changes!

  • More info about clan members.
  • Nicer to your eyeballs.
  • I'm looking forward, it's a step-up from the pre-CW2 version.

New: Minimum member cap!

  • 10 players will need to be in the clan in order to join the river races.
  • Dead clans will no longer clutter the wars.
  • Temporary or isolated clans (like the ones CWA creates to invite a pro) will no longer join a river race without wanting to be in it.

Other improvements:

  • Supercell ID friends stuff. I guess that's great, although I don't use it.

Balance changes:

  • Electro Giant: Fixed reflected damage. Will now scale with levels properly, meaning +33% at tournament standard and +93% at max level. Can't wait!
  • Graveyard: Rework reverted. The team is looking into giving it a better rework in the future and reducing its RNG factor. I hope it happens in a few months and not a few years.
  • Hover mechanic: Units won't phase over buildings, won't collide with air units, won't bounce off the river when knocked back. Basically bugfixes, good to see those.


Some steps in the right direction. CW2 will be more inclusive, less unfair, a bit harder to cheat. I mean bandages work, but the system just needs to improve. And right now, it feels like the developers are doubling down on some design flaws instead of moving away from them.

Overall, I feel like this is more of a quick patch to make CW2 bearable without trying too hard to make them actually good. I hope they don't stay in this state for years and fundamental fixes are delivered sooner than later.

So yeah, that's pretty much it, seeya.

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