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Just wanted to say that since the recent nerfs, musk and ewiz have become much worse. They were very well balanced cards that were killed unjustly. People were complaining about musk but actually the culprit was and still is graveyard which received a buff disguised as a nerf. It now takes forever for it to lock onto a new target. And then there's the ewiz which was also perfectly balanced and is now dead. Can't oneshot minions and spirits with both hands which was a unique Interaction. Also there's the inconsistensy mentioned in another post between tournament and maxed level.

Meanwhile the hunter is basically an air targeting mini pekka for the same cost and even has more Hp than musk ewiz and other fireballies. He can kind of deal with swarms too. Overall he completely outclasses the wizards, the musk and flying machine. He has completely taken over the meta and especially in conjunction with the fisherman can defend literally everything.

They should nerf hunter in some way and reverse the nerfs to musk and ewiz. Also why not focus on weak cards instead of balanced ones? How about the witch for example? The CR team is now not only destroying the game by removing or not adding features, but also by making dumb balances...

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