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I honestly just hate how they created the electro wizard that completely stops sparky but then there’s nothing that can counter mk the way they nerf sparky. I used sparky a lot when electro wasn’t around like 2 years ago. Now we have to spend so much elixir to counter mk that is not even funny.

Doesn’t make sense to create a tank, with so much life and so much power and so cheap. Sparky has to hit him 2, it takes 4-5 second for the inferno tower to make some damage to him.

Now sparky fans can’t play sparky because of electro and electro dragon and now electro spirit. So clash keep creating nemesis for sparky but doesn’t have a nemesis for Mk.... just saying sparky was fun to used when electro wizard wasn’t two years ago but he was to op for sure... Create something that doesn’t kills the use of another cards completely... that’s why we all can see that the higher you get in trophies the similarities of the decks are insane.

Since I can’t say anything because they will delete my post...

Solution. NERF IT....

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