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I was usually not the one to critise, but my god has something happend to CR past month.

I can't push with my 10-11 level deck above 5k, because everyone, and I mean, EVERY single opponent is maxed, throwing gold shit at me. This is so stupid, that over 70% of the trophy road rewards are guarded by this bullshit. Can we just go back to season chests, instead of pretending that the road is "more stuff than chest ever was"?

Same happened to the daily quests - does anyone remember them? We lost occasional super chests for an average 1k gold daily at shop - whaaaaat?

In clan wars I feel like it's a boring chore. I've just lost a game (again, vs a maxed monkey), by a sliver of their second princess health. If there was a cap, let's say, at lv12 (gold league), I would've won, because his tower would have less hp, and that would be one of the most satysfying wins. Not to mention his cards becoming 10% weaker. But nope, instead we get a classic richest get richer scheme at play.

This was the first and the last month I've bought battle pass. My god what was I thinking, giving CR money for literally nothing - it took them 3 months to fix the timezone issue in CW2, like WHAT? I'm a programmer by trait, and if it takes your devs to change the decks refresh timer from midnight locale to set hour UTC then someone is getting ripped off, and it's not the developers. Not to mention a bunch of other bugs that plague this game - not working copy deck feature, some screen glitching when you click around in CW2 menu - it just shows how little work was put into that update.

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