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redditCW2 rigged Matchmaking?

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Okay, so CW2 ever since CW2 has been released, I have kept track of all of the opponents that I have faced, and to my surprised all of them are at least 6.3K (6.3 matched with only 2 or 3 times), averaging around 6.6K to 7K+ often times having to face those with PB at 7K

(My decks are a mix of 12 and lvl 13s, not maxed)

Our clan is just a small clan at gold league, but that doesn't justified how I only ever get matched up with 7K maxed players, as my clanmates (lv 13 as well) are often times matched up with people who are at 5K to 6K pb

Only different is the fact that I have around 300 CW1 wins before CW2 was released while my clanmates have roughly 100 or so

I feel like the CW2 matchmaking is rigged to match you against people who have similar wins to you or have very high pb if their war wins rates are subpar

This is strengthen by the fact that matchmaking wait time is horrible for me, I know that many players quit after CW2 update imploded, but I doubt that it is enough to justified me having an average wait time of around 2 minutes, with some taking so long that it doesn't even show you how long you are expect to wait anymore on the screen

unless their matchmaking system is being bias and only matching certain people together, I don't see how MM can take up to 5 to 10 minutes in some cases to find

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