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redditThis game is not perfect and that's the best part of the game.

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Clash Royale has it's flaws and so do we.

Since its inception, it was never perfect. It was rough. It needed correction but we accepted it for what it was and had fun with it. We were all learning mechanics and strategies. It felt new and we didn't know any better but we didn't care (ok... maybe some did).

Prince dominated the arena. Bomb tower was impossible to get around.

Poison slowed things down. Zap killed Gob Barrel and skeletons... well... let's just say there were four.

Let's fast forward today. 101 cards, CWII, and a very angry community... when I mean angry, it's a mob.

I don't blame Drew. Sure, I made fun of him but honestly, he is a human being. (My bad Drew, if you ever read this).

We don't know what is happening at Supercell. We have to give him the benefit of the doubt. We don't know his situation.

Bu.. bu.. but what about Brawl Stars?! They're part of Supercell, they get updates. Where's ours?

A lot of Brawl Stars comparison going around. It seems like they're on the right track. Good for them. We are Clash Royale. We have a different game. Different team. Different community. We are different.

Let me say it again. We are a different game.

This game is not perfect and that's the best part of the game.

Clash Royale was innovative when it came out. It can be innovative again. The reason why I chose this title was because we have this insatiable hunger for perfection.

If Clash Royale by design was a perfect game, people would have stopped playing it.

It is constantly trying to become better than when it started. Sometimes there's set backs along the way but that's ok. Let's just keep moving forward and learn from our falls.

Doesn't that sound a lot like us?

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