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I'm planning to just list QOL changes the game could have. They'd be easy to implement and wouldn't be controversial at all. Btw I'm going from left to right in menus:

  1. Shop Shop has a pretty good layout most of the time. You have your daily deal and cards up top, then emotes, then stuff that no one buys. Sometimes when special offers come, they get moved down. However, shop is usually good. It would be nice if there were a setting to allow you to reorder the deals I'm Shop, but overall I can't think of any QOL changes.

  2. Cards and Emotes

Random tower skin button- a button to allow you to have a random tower skin every time

Emote decks- Delcs for emotes

Emote favorites- Being able to favorite emotes so they come to the top of your Emote collection

Naming decks- Naming decks is an easy feature to make that would help a lot when you're not sure what a deck was for

3. Home

Profile: Emote- Set an emote next to your name in profile or have a person's favorite emote and text emote

Move CW1 stats and add CW2 stats

  1. Clan

Chat- Have clan chat as the default when you open it

Info- Add back the easily accessible info from before the CW2 revamp like days active, donations, etc.

Search- Allow searching for other clans while in current clan

  1. Tournaments: Pretty good interface, no changes I could think of
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