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redditThree complaints that I have with CR YouTube players

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First, I really can't stand the clickbait titles. Every single video by virtually every single pro (or solid player) is "NOTHING BEATS THIS DECK/SO OP/THIS DECK IS UNBEATABLE/COMPLETELY BROKEN" and the deck will be none of those things. Moreover, when you label every goddamn deck as the perfect invulnerable deck, it loses it's persuasive appeal.

Second, and the worst offense, stop editing your matches so that only your wins are aired. I'll try out a deck and wonder why I lose when they seem to do so well with the deck. Then I'll look at their trophy levels and see that they must have lost 2-4 matches inbetween the wins that are played. That's aggravating as hell because it misleads me into thinking I'm not very good with the deck when the truth is the "ZOMG AMAZING PERFECT DECK" likely has some whopping vulnerabilities (that you delete from your recording).

Third, and a minor complaint, this is likely personal preference, but I really don't need some over-the-top persona as you play. I'd rather thought consideration of your moves, what you did, why you did it, and long-term strategies (even if you lose), but instead I get crap efforts to mock the other player's name, deck, and loss. No insight, just inane gibberish.

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