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I Don’t Know Anymore

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I want to see if anyone else agrees, and I would like to share my thoughts after being frustrated for some time.

The best way to sum up Clash Royale... The best game on the mobile market by far, with the worst internal support and balance system. Not sure how that can be possible, but I guess it makes sense when you have a stubborn team that only likes to make things their way for a higher profit gain.

Realistically speaking, this post is specifically targeting the Engineers (test team or whatever you want to call them) for never balancing the game. Releasing new cards and challenges without taking a look at the current OP meta for the past 3-6 months is something concerning. I’m just about to get my 4year badge, and after taking a 3 month break, I come back to the exact same boring meta decks that destroyed the game months ago.

This game has a matchmake algorithm like no other. No wonder they never release the details. Ex: Why is it that out of 20+ games played I haven’t encountered RG once, and switch to xbow first game and encounter RG twice in a row? Enough already with the hard counter matchmaking.

This is graphically the most beautiful and smoothest game I’ve yet to play in this type of genre (all supercell games run great). 4 years of our time invested into this game, and it’s just disappointing to see there’s no effort in communication, being such a successful company. Listen to your consumers, further test your cards and game, listen to the streamers and YouTubers who play this game daily and state what works and what doesn’t. I loved this game enough where I would purchase all the mini bundle offers and look forward to what’s next. But the last year has been different.

How does everyone feel?

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