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redditHelp predicting mega knight (2.9 xbow)

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I run 2.9 Xbow and I’m in the 4200-4300 trophy range. I generally do pretty well, but there is one main problem I face: I have such a hard time predicting a MK and reacting to it. This is NOT asking how to counter MK. Although I can probably get better at it, I can more often than not stop a MK with Tesla, archers, and some cycle cards if I’m prepared for it. Emphasis on that last line. It feels like whenever I got the opponent down, I have a damage and elixir advantage and I place an Xbow down, the opponent just pulls MK out of their a** and I panic and can’t stop the push. Happens every other game it feels like. So I’m wondering, is there any way to predict they have MK, and how do you hastily react to it with 2.9 Xbow?

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