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As the title suggests, the new gamemode would be 1 v 1 v 1. It wouldn't just be red and blue anymore, it'll be red, blue, and purple (or really any other color). The game board would be a small pond at the center, a bridge over it connecting to each player's side of the arena. Each side would be pretty much identical to what it is in 1 v 1. If a player's king tower is destroyed, they are out of the game and can only spectate. Whoever has the most crowns wins. Whoever gets the final blow on a tower would get the crown. This would introduce a lot of unique player interactions and strategy, like...

  • Two players having to work together to shut down one players massive push
  • One player taking advantage of another player's push to get the crown.
  • One player just focusing on defense and waiting for the other two players to tear each other apart.

There are a few changes that would be made. The elixir rate would increased (likely 1.5x or 2x) managing both an offense and a defense simultaneously in this gamemode would be very hard with just the normal elixir rate. Spells can still be used to chip towers, but do not count as a final blow to finish off a tower (unless said spell was the only major blows to the tower, this would keep rocket cycle viable), as then it would be way too easy to steal another player's crown. There are still a few issues with this though:

  • How would the tiebreaker work?
  • How would overtime function?
  • What if two friends work together to gang up on everyone else?

And likely more I've yet to realize, so I'm making this post to get feedback, more problems I've yet to discover, and solutions to said problems.

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