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Graveyard is the Most popular win con since months and Supercell "failed" at reworking it.

In my oppinion a good Balance Change to Graveyard without Killing the Card would be that the skelletons Spawn alwas in the same Order where they Spawn. The First skelleton would Spawn on the Right Side of the Right Tower or on the Left Side of the Left tower and the next skelleton the Left side of the Right Tower or the Right side of the Left tower and so on (from the bottom to the top.

That rework would remove the random skelleton Spawn that is in my oppinion one of there resons why GY is so strong but with a skelleton spawning that can do a Lot of damage If you dont know how to defend the Graveyard.

The "Randomness" of the Graveyard is for me (as a Graveyard player) in a Lot of Times kinda anoying especailly in Mirror Matches annoying becouse Sometimes the opponent Graveyard I poison and He gets 300 damage and I Go in and He poisons the Graveyard doesnt do even a hit. In high Level of Play you would have fixed GY interactions where the pro Players Always would know how much damage you would get If you for example only log.

Would that be a good rework or how would it be better?

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