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Magic Archer, once again, is DEAD.

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Magic Archer, once again, is DEAD.

Original image belongs to Clash Royale Kingdom. Image edited by me.

On November of 2018, the Magic Archer received a devastating nerf that resulted in the death of the card. At the time, I was new to reddit, and the first post I made was talking about that nerf. You can check that post out on my profile. Eventually, it was buffed in May of 2019, and I actually put it in my deck for the first time and was very happy with it. They nailed it.

I'm bringing this up because history seems to be repeating itself.

In the past few months, the use rates for the Magic Archer rose to never-before-seen levels. Everyone was calling for a nerf, but I wasn't. Despite the massive use rates, the win rates were chilling at a healthy 50%. No, I'm not going to deny that this card needed a small nerf, though, but see, the key word here is "small", like a hit speed decrease or something.

The problem with the nerf:

The very day that fateful nerf hit, win rates and use rates instantly plummeted, and have only dropped further in the past few days. There's little doubt about it, the nerf was too much. In the post I made a few days ago reporting the card's sudden drop in win and use rates, people seemed pretty happy with it being dead. Sure, fine, go ahead and celebrate for a month or two. Then let's fix it.

My suggestions to fix the card:

Range 6 --> 6.5 - If a range reduction was the way to go, this was a bit too far. This partial reversion makes it so it can snipe buildings again, and can outrange Musketeer and that blasted Firecracker(Why wasn't she nerfed?!).

Range 6 --> 7, Hit speed 1.1 --> 1.15 - This brings it's DPS to about 96, the same as it was when it was first released. This may seem a bit too small, but here's a reminder, that minor first hit delay is still there, and this new nerf brings it closer to how it was back before the most recent buff(When it wasn't that good), but better because of it's newfound interactions with certain cards. Sorry if this confuses you. It could also be made 1.2 if you think that's what it needs.

I'm not happy about this nerf. I know a lot of people disagree with me but like I said, I had this card in my deck and it was fine. And like about 90% of MA users, I had to replace it. It absolutely sucks now. It's a weaker Musketeer, it can't even snipe buildings anymore. Hell, you're better off with Firecracker and Dart Goblin. You know, 3 elixir cards. It's sad, how he got killed off a second time. Only time will tell what is next for Magic Archer.

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