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redditRecommendations for balancing Clan Wars 2 (very long sorry, may contain cuss words)

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Hello :D I have been hearing many of my fellow clash royale players (especially in this subreddit and social medias) complaining about clan wars 2 for the way how it is like...

Personally (unpopular opinion lmao) i like some of the features that cw2 brings (eg, the bo3 and the clan boat) and it could potentially be a pretty good gamemode, however there needs some improvement for it to become good, so here are some suggestions i believe that could help clan wars 2, most likely in a long run (i will be giving examples (up to debate) on what i would have done if i were therumham and co, and reasoning for every single suggestion)

1) Level capping crown tower and cards based on your clan's clan war league standings

Example: bronze league users will have their cards and crown tower capped at level 10, silver league at level 11, gold league at level 12 and legendary league at level 13, if a player from higher league plays a player from lower league, the higher league player will have their cards and crown tower capped for the lower league (ie, someone from silver league will be capped level 10 if they played someone from bronze league) (will apply for both boat and battles)

Reasoning: it felt unfair for players who are underleveled to play against overleveled players, as they would be in a disadvantage (let's be real here, level 13 cards (ebarbs and royal gg wink wink) are annoying af to deal with, especially for underleveled players)... even as the higher leveled player, i feel sorry for the underleveled players who could do nothing against my higher level cards... and by giving them a balanced level, assuming that both players have used cards that are not overly underleveled (eg, lower than level 9)) the only thing that separates the 2 players will be their raw skills

2) Getting more clan points after final race based on how many extra clan trophies you get in colosseum

Example: getting 10 extra clan war trophy points per 1000 extra clan points for every team that gets 1st place after colosseum and getting 5 extra clan war trophy points per 1000 extra clan points for 2nd place clan after colosseum

Reasoning: it gives more motivation for the clan members to play colosseum, as that the contribution will not only gain coins but also would help the clan out (personally i am in a clan that is ran by a pro team (their coaches and staff, in fact), however due to the clan being relatively new/inactive in the past, the clan i am in is in bronze league, so we had been bossing around every clan war and that we get #1 in every single war)

3) Make clan wars last 2 weeks in total instead of 4/5

Example: i don't have to lol, it's pretty self explanatory, however if you want to apply this one AND my 2nd suggestion, i would suggest giving away less trophies after winning 1st place on final race (eg 50 instead of 100 for 1st place or something) since it would cause some clans to progress very quickly compared to others (also personally i feel like 1 would be something i want WAY more compared to 2 or 3)

Reasoning: let's be real here, it is kind of boring to make it where you face the same fucking clans for the entire fucking month, so in order to keep the players from getting bored and to keep colosseum war, it would be wise to make it where you only face the same clans for 2 weeks instead

Also, sorry for making this thing so fucking long, as I feel like i want to do some explanations for some of the shit that i suggested... If you all are already feeling sleepy halfway through the shit i wrote, i don't blame you because ngl i am pretty longwinded in nature... have a good day :D

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