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reddithow do deal with Elixir golem + healer deck?

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i play log bait, Pekka spam bridge, and few other decks, i know pros and cons of almost any matchup but against that pink golem + healer and the electro dragon i can never ever find a way to deal with it, the healer is just way to tanky and i cant find a way to deal with it without having my tower fall due to the golem.

maybe i deal with 1 push, with the 2nd, but i get punished SO MUCH for the very first little mistake i make, as soon as i cant kill the healer properly and he gets to spam a couple of hits more than the previous push im basically dead and overcome by the amount of elixir my opponent will put on the ground.

any tips on how to overcome this deck? is it so op or am i missing a clear point in how to deal with it?

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