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redditJust finished watching CWA's YouTube video, and considering how stale this game has gotten, I've decided to start thinking up some possible game modes.

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Here's one of my ideas.


The objective is to defend a 3x3 tile (princess tower sized) cart on a 3-tile track that is bringing gold/gems/whatever to an as far up the track it can go on an upwards-scrolling map. For the defender, the map will be scrolling downwards.

Each player gets one 1.5 minute round as well as a 10 card deck to try and make it farther than the other, while the player not advancing gets to defend the push with their cards. Elixir remains at a constant 1.5 throughout.

Cards from the player pushing the cart can be placed anywhere within 8 tiles of the cart, while the defender can place their cards anywhere outside that range. Cards cannot be placed on the track, and buildings will break when they are no longer visible on the map. Spawnables will still send their troops to go defend.

The cart has a set amount of health (such as 20,000) that when taken out, will break down the cart and end the round. Players will use their cards to defend and try to advance the cart. The cart keeps no matter what moving at a very slow pace, unless affected by spells or troops (such as ice wizard or freeze).

If there is a draw, players will go into a (2) sudden death round(s) of whoever can push the a 2000 health cart a bit further within 30 seconds wins the match.

Whoever wins the match gets to keep the gold inside the cart, a small award like 50 gold for lower level players and 1000 for higher level players.

Please criticize anything you feel needs to be. I'm open to feedback in a respectable manner. I enjoyed this game before it became a huge money greedy mess, and I feel like Supercell can bring back the game that made so many millions happy with just a bit of innovation.

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