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We are looking for active players urgently.


-4000 trophies and above

-must be active in war and donations 

-must be constant in laddering (after season must reach <4000 asap)

-encourage to have WhatsApp to join gc

-must be able to speak english

About our clan:

We are an active clan that is active in war and donations. Currently we are in gold league but is working towards legendary league. We are a family-friendly clan therefore, swearing, any form of bullying, racism is not allowed. We listen to your needs carefully and adjust accordingly. However, we are only to do that if you state what you want. Please don't be so surprised to see many changes here and there.

I hope you would join our clan and have fun while being serious. After all, the way to have fun is to be good. Our clan is called Extr2me (#9JQ9Y2LR).

Your sincerely,

Extr2me Clan Leader,


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