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redditNew Clan War is getting boring.

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At first the war update was kind of exciting. Racing other boats to try and first place was kind of fun. Now it’s becoming more like a chore.

Even if you’re busy you have to make time Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to play because first place is usually taken Tuesday night or Wednesday morning if an enemy clan is active.

Participating in wars used to be optional and clans could decide when to start wars. Now it’s every Monday so guess if you’re busy during the week then that sucks for you.

Before on the first day of war, you could choose between a few different types of challenges (triple elixer, sudden death, etc) which kept it interesting. Now it feels like the same thing over and over.

Also we’re not sure, but we feel like we’re at a disadvantage going against people in other time zones because they’re up earlier so they can attack earlier. On Monday and Tuesday it’s fine but by the time we wake up on Wednesday we’ve lost first place to boat because they wake up earlier than us.

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