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I just had an idea for a new card for clash royal this is my first time actually coming up with an idea for pretty much anything so I hope that you guys think it is a good idea, the card will be a hamster in a hamster ball and it will roll over to the tower and if it hits things on the way to the tower it will act like a barb barrel and do a little less damage as the barb barrel, then it will grapple onto the tower (yes it will be a tower target card at first) and swing around it to hit the other cards around it will do around 125 damage to the cards when it hits them with it’s ball and the grapple will do some damage to the tower over time let’s say 100 damage every 2.5 seconds, however the hamster ball was just stage 1 of it. Once the hamster ball breaks a hamster comes out of the ball and attacks the closest thing around it (It is no longer a tower target card sort of like when the lava hound does and turns into lava pups) It will have highish speed, on the lower side of damage, and it will have a medium amount of health in the hamster ball but it will have a little less than the health of a goblin that comes out of a goblin cage. I hope that you like this idea because it’s honestly one of my first ideas I’ve had before because I’m not that creative (I thought of this because of Hammond, the overwatch character and also the fisherman the legendary card in clash royal) and I also hope that this was sort of clear to understand, I did a lot of editing so it might be a little bit unclear at some points. Also, try to have a good day.

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