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I saw posts about how bad it was to be a weaker clan in CW2 but I assumed it was just normal complaining. Well I just started a season as the #5 clan and I want to apologise to everyone who I dismissed as being overly negative about it.

There is no motivation to play if you are in 5th place, it's horrible, you know you won't win and there's no way of getting ahead. Half your clan stops playing or leaves because it's so unpleasant, pushing you even further into the bottom. You won't win, so why even bother playing? The worst part is the time. It lasts for an entire month, that's too long.

Supercell: you are going to lose most of your 5th boat clans and a lot of your 4th every round if you don't fix this. It isn't hard to fix this, add more events to the race, give at least some of the prizes based on distance instead of position compared to others, shorten seasons, or any of the other solutions that your community has given you.

I have been playing since almost the release. I wasn't a whale, but I spent a decent amount of money on this game. I thought I was going to be a long term player who stuck around until all my cards were level 13 and I was in the top ranks. I was very close, to reaching my goal, but this was too much. I might return if this is fixed, but given what I have seen so far I can't see it happening any time soon.

My clan wasn't record breaking, but it was a strong clan with a highly active set of players and it vanished in a week and a half. You might think I am exaggerating, but you will see exactly what I mean when it happens to your clan, your clan won't survive being in 5th.

It's been fun, but I'm leaving for now until you fix your game.

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