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redditIf I was a new player, I would have quit the game due CW2. As an old player, it kinda works....

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I've been playing for some years and have pretty much all cards at either 12 or 13. I've payed for clash pass the last 5-6 months but see no reason whatsoever to do so anymore. Why would I quit if I was a new player?

Well, the rhythm of playing this game for me goes like this.

Climb because it's fun to compete and get some nice rewards on my way up.

Try to stay as high as possible because, again. It's fun to be on the top.

Fill out with chests if I'm very high up and don't really feel like falling down.

Always prioritize clan war games and upgrade as many cards as I can.

What is the problem then?

There's no point in climbing. The rewards are not good enough when you compare to the frustration you meet as a new player in Clan Wars 2. I have no idea how the matchmaking works but out of the last 20 games. I haven't played against someone that has lower trophies than me.

I want our clan to win so I prioritize that over my own games. Which leads that I don't want to climb the ladder at all so I can have easier opponents.

I find myself doing boring tasks to try and get some cash to upgrade the last cards and I haven't played a single ladder game in over a month.

I created a second account awhile ago and I havent payed a nickel on that one. And this is how I really see the frustration for new players. If they want to perform in clan wars, then they need the cash. There's still some good cash on climbing the ladder but if you do, you'll get even harder opponents.

I'm only playing the game atm because it's a habit and I have the cards. But being a midlvl or lowlvl player must be tedious in all possible ways.

Clan Wars 2 matchmaking should at least go on card lvl and not trophy lvl. People staying at around 4k that are lvl 13 and have maxed cards is the opposite of fun. For both them and the people they meet.

But if you choose to do a Bo3 battle, shouldn't be so damn hard to take the average worth and matchmake based on that.

And if someone says "But that's the way it's machmaking today!" then I just have to say that it's terribly implemented :P

Sorry for the long post. It's just a bit frustrating to see the game die like it's doing. My wife has played more than me but the last two months have been a full decline from her part and I'm playing her clan wars games. I want the game to be fun again. This is just not fun at all.

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