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Rebel Riot Family - Seeking Active Adults Who Are Looking For A Long Term Clan #PPRJ8RPQ #PUQ99L0R #PUG80CJR


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The Rebel Riot Family are a highly active and organised international English speaking clan family. Adults preferred. Maturity and respect required. 

There are several different clans available to suit a wide range of members from casual to competitive. Active discord server available. Join the riot!

📌Who we are:

We are a competitive gaming group.

We’ve got active & structured clans.

Our clans operate on various games.

📌What we offer:

We offer a fun, friendly environment.

Drama free gaming experience for all.

Clans for multiple duties & skill levels.


Clash Royale


Rebel Riot CLUB

☠Clan Tag  #PPRJ8RPQ 

☠Clan Score: 50,621

☠War Trophies: 2,210 

☠Trophy Req: 4300


Rebel Riot APEX

☠Clan Tag:  #PUQ99L0R 

☠Clan Score: 44,666

☠War Trophies: 452

☠Trophy Req: 3300


Rebel Riot JR

☠Clan Tag: #PUG80CJR

☠Clan Score: 40942 

☠War Trophies: 586

☠Trophy Req: 2300


Clash Of Clans


Rebel Riot CLUB

☠Clan Tag:#22CPJQVCU

☠Level: 4

☠CWL: Silver II

☠TH Req: TH8+


Don’t miss out, join our discord server.

Join us on DISCORD!



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