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Meta Decks and Off-Meta Decks

Soul Crusher

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Personally, and I'm sure most of you will agree, there is constant discord between Meta Deck players and players who make their own decks.

First off, to clarify the concept of meta decks, the meta is not necessarily what is the strongest cards or decks currently, it's purely the most popular decks that may be strong. Now, this does not mean that Off-Meta decks are not viable or bad, just that meta decks are definitely viable or even strong.

There is a deck structure that most meta decks conform to for each archetype that has been recognised as the best type of deck for each win con. For example, xbow decks are primarily cycle, as they rely on applying pressure and out cycling its counters to break through. Of course, IceBow does not conform to this (as its 4 card cycle cost is 9), which is not cheap enough to outcycle most decks. However, it has shifted from a strange Off-Meta deck to a popular, strong deck, with Rocket being its main win con against most matchups since it lacks the cycle to break through some decks.

The meta is forever shifting, as balance changes and new decks that have been getting a large amount of success are shared through content creators or the general community.

On the other hand, there are Off-Meta decks. There is a stigma surrounding these decks that they are worse than meta decks and consequently, many members of the CR community have treated players who play homebrew decks negatively.

In return, these players treat meta players negatively as well.

To clear this up, the stigma surrounding homebrew or Off-Meta players originates purely from the fact that these players are generally low in trophies and are over leveled for their trophy range, implicating a low skill cap. This may be true in some instances, but it is wrong to assume this for everyone who plays their own decks and like to express their creativity. In fact, players like DeKo who play their own homebrew decks have been succeeding against meta decks, which just comes to show how Off-Meta decks can also be strong and how the common misconception of meta decks always being superior incorrect.

As for Off-Meta players, they treat meta deck players negatively saying that they have "no creativity" or a "meta slave".

Many of you will agree that you dislike other players, whether Off-Meta or meta, and that's perfectly acceptable. However, it's not acceptable to treat them negatively purely because of what they play.

I understand that there is a stigma towards over leveled people as well, and although they have higher level cards than you may have meaning an unfair advantage, the correct mindset to be in if you lose against an over leveled player is to acknowledge that you did not play perfectly, and that your skill cap is what helped you to reach your trophy range instead of your opponents where they use levels.

Hopefully, there will be less conflict on the CR reddit due to these factors.

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