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Wasn’t infinite elixir challenge fun before?

Soul Crusher

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Oh thats right, it wasn’t pay to win last time. No longer can you just create any fun workable deck because your lvl10 cards won’t hold up against lvl13s of your opponents.

Why can’t all the party modes be tourney standard? Who knows. But another way the game player experience marred by card leveling.

Historical note- I recall when 2v2 was first introduced. It was clan vs clan only and all battles were T-standard. And it was amazing. People experimented with all different decks and all battles felt fair. Then it goes away and comes back in its current form.

No longer could you experiment with all kinds of fun decks, people could only play their highest lvled cards. No more changing your deck every game... people had to have their one or two usable lvled decks. Experimentation for the masses disappeared instantly.

And suddenly people with lvl11 cards were battling maxxed players. All sense of fairness gone. A mode where all battles were seen as fair became P2W.

A mode that I advocated I largely stopped playing completely. SC killed it for me.

And now infinite elixir seems to be another mode largely unplayable if you don’t have the right cards leveled up. My last battle was my deck with 10’s, 11s and 12s vs opponent who is 3 lvl12 cards from fully maxxed. Party!

Yeah, another mode that generated such community excitement ruined by making it P2W!

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