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Spawner decks are meta again!!!

Soul Crusher

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Do you suck at clash royale? Don’t wanna deal with “skillful” placements and smart strategizing? Well then boy have I got the deck for you!

Just put all 3 spawners in your deck! Maybe even toss in mirror if you’re a complete scrub lord!

All you have to do is play them in the back, sit back, and watch then win you the game!

Next is defense. Are you losing to mega knight at 4800 trophies? Run pekka! Easily decimate any mega knight battle healer Valkyrie push with pekka and a Valkyrie of your own?

But cadaverco, I played my furnace left lane and my opponent pushed right lane with balloon minion horde!

Well my friend, that’s why your last two cards are wizard and tornado!

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