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Has Supercell stopped caring about Clan Wars?

Soul Crusher

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Over the last 2 seasons there has been a noticeable lack of caring about clan wars in the updates and notes.

Last season they removed 2v2 with a justification that didn’t account for how it is used in bronze, silver, gold, and legendary leagues. Saying only 1% uses it is just untrue for legendary leagues or they’ve found a creative way to quantify it in a rigged fashion. We’ll never know because the logic or data behind the 1% was never provided.

This season they didn’t even bother to announce the collection modes. In fact, one of the modes (girl rascal brawl) has a description for the challenge that wasn’t even announced at the time. That’s either lazy or a lack of caring.

For a system that hasn’t changed since it was introduced almost 2 years ago, it sure feels like they have given up. I hope and pray that they’re spending this time revamping the entire system in the next major update. Otherwise, my 3 year run with all my time and money spent on this game will shift to another game.

Please start caring about wars again.

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