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Time for a baby dragon nerf?

Soul Crusher

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So I’m sure you all know Magic Archer was nerfed and now some consider him to be a dead card. But out of all honesty, I think it’s time for a baby dragon nerf. Miner was nerfed 2 months ago for being so popular and being one of the most versatile cards in the game. I think it’s the same case for the baby dragon. Think of all the decks you see it in: lava hound, golem, Elixir golem, graveyard, RG, and pekka. Tell me and hate all you want, but I think it’s time for a baby dragon nerf. It’s currently the third most used card in the game, and it has a 26% use rate in all battles. It’s even close to beating commonly used spells in use rates, and no card usually gets that popular.

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