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Please help a 57 year old carpenter climb trophies

Soul Crusher

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Hello my name is Aldo Johnson and i play a giant goblin deck (full deck is giant goblin, spear goblins, zap, fireball, minions, muskeeter and lumberjack) and so i have played for 1 year, but because these little ass bandits throwing raged spell with elite barbarians at my face all the time i need help.

God dammit iam a human being and i have rights too. Please help me climb trophies i have 4500 right now but these punk ass kids with level 13 and golden level elite barbarians keep destroying all my towers i cant progress anymore.

I am Aldo Johnson, 57 year old carpenter from Ohio. I live in Columbus right now and i like motorcycles, booze, cigarrettes and playing clash royale. FUCK KIDS.

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