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Team Trap Recruiting πŸ”₯


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πŸ”₯ Team Trap πŸ”₯
We are an aspiring clan that has only started less than a month ago but does plan big for the future, We are recruiting members looking to help the Clan progress further, We already have 6 members above 4000, πŸ₯‡5300πŸ₯ˆ5018πŸ₯‰4813.

Requirements πŸ₯Š
Right now we need as many numbers as possible to start progressing in Clan Wars, So the only on paper requirement is that your level 8 MinimumΒ  . You just need to be an Active player, willing to War regularly, Donate, Chat *more than happy to help any new players *
Note- " Requirements will change when the Clan gets bigger, Discord will be created on the same happening. "

Partner- TrapCityUK

To Join βš”οΈ
Clan Tag- #Y9PQU0L0
Or Feel free to DM me.
Thanks for your time hope to see you in game,
-Evinco X.

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