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Legendary ACTIVE war donating clan [#PUJL98YV] seeks ACTIVE members

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This is our first ad. Normally we have no need to advertise, and stay at 49 or 50. We seek active, war ready players. Our donations are much more than most clans. We are even funny.. probably.



Sick of nobody participating in wars? Getting tired of not having a active, fun and helpful group of clan mates? Well good news! Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV is giving away one spot to you TODAY, ACT NOW – free beer – maybe.. depending on age, location and COVID restrictions.



Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV is looking for new recruits. We are a very active clan! Everyone practices before wars and shares helpful decks, strategy, and opinions. We are looking for members with at least 5000 trophies.



The leader BigDpalace #YRLCL2C has been playing 4 years, has 70% lvl 13 cards, 24% lvl 12, and only 5 level 11. His account value is almost 15 mil Gold.

Most other co-leaders have been playing at least 3 years and have good card levels, and experience, finish seasons above 6k trophies.


We have alliances with other ‘Ancient’ clans as well as LA.


You won’t be sorry after joining Ancient Royals #PUJL98YV


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