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Daily Card Discussion 4/9 - 4/10: Skeleton Barrel: A Skele-Party in the Sky!

Soul Crusher

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The Strength and Viability of Skeleton Barrel in the Meta

“It's a Skeleton party in the sky, until all the balloons pop... then it's a Skeleton party on the ground!”

Shipped to the skies on a barrel, these seven scoundrels are on a mission to wreck havoc on the arena..... all in good rowdy fashion. The intention of this post is to create centralized discussion regarding the current state of Skeleton Barrel, whether it needs to be changed, and the current best decks/synergies with it.


Stats and History


Cost Speed Range Deploy Time Targets Rarity
3 Fast .35 tiles 1sec Buildings Common

Base Stats:

Level Hitpoints Death Damage
1 255 52
9 540 110
10 594 121
11 652 133
12 716 146
13 787 160
  • The Skeleton Barrel was added to the game on 17/11/2017.
  • On 12/12/17, a Balance Update allowed the Skeleton Barrel to deal Death Damage.
  • On 12/2/18, a Balance Update decreased the number of spawned Skeletons to 6 (from 8).
  • On 25/4/18, the Clan Wars update increased the number of spawned Skeletons to 7 (from 6).
  • On 5/11/18, a Balance Update increased the Skeleton Barrel's death damage by 62%.
  • On 7/4/20, a Balance Update Increased the Skeleton barrel's speed to fast (90), and decreased it's hitpoints by 15%.


Discussion Questions:

  • What do you like/dislike about Skeleton Barrel?
    • Do you think it makes a positive/negative contribution to the meta?
    • What qualities separate it from similar units in the game?
      • Card synergies? Playstyle?
    • Which cards work well with Skeleton Barrel?
    • What Heal Spirit decks have given you the most amount of success?
      • Off-Meta is encouraged!
  • Where would you rank it based on its strength and current viability in the meta?
    • From Worst to Best, label your rank as one of the following: F, D, C, B, A, S, SS
      • What is your reasoning behind this rank?
      • Do you think it would be an optimal course of action to buff/nerf this card? How would you change it?
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