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The buffs to Barb hut and gob hut are pretty worrying.

Soul Crusher

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It might lead to the rise of spawner decks once again. Of course, there is alot of splash and earthquake in the meta, but once that gets toned down, what will happen? I mean, their could be decks such as Barbarian hut and goblin hut with graveyard in the making. And with the death spawns, it means that even if you kill the spawner, you will still have to deal with the remaining troops. Now, it's refreshing to see gob hut be viable in a long time. But with the spawners so strong right now, it has a greater chance of making spawner decks, an archetype worse and more skilless than egolem and alot more boring than X-bow. Hopefully spawner decks don't resurface, but it's starting to seem like it might. Maybe I'm overreacting, but who knows.

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