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Mortar went from S tier card to laughable HP container

Soul Crusher

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Just a couple of months ago it used to be a part of strong bait/miner poison decks. But I don't really think the strength of those decks stemmed from the mortar itself, but those other cards. Have you seen it winning or at least being played with success in any competitive tournament lately (2020)?

Now if you play mortar even on defence, it gets slaughtered by some rushing mini pekka, muskeeter, baby dragon, hogs and doesn't even stop them from damaging your tower. On offence you are very unlikely to get a connection and pretty much give opponent 4 elixir advantage and a counterpush. Just all those fast cards turned mortar into HP bag and then there's an eq to take away this title.

So the card is versatile, but in a wrong way - it's bad in everything. My suggestion is to give it more damage only to troops so it can handle big pushes better, since it's called a defensive building in its description. Also this way it won't give such a huge counterpush for opponent if you play it near the bridge. It'd also be logical if the boulder would damage air troops, since it's plummeting from the sky, but that's probably an overkill. Wish it was a reasonable alternative to abused bomb tower.

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