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Bomb Tower isn't OP, it's just that all the other defensive buildings are weak

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I was originally on the "nerf Bomb Tower" train myself, but after poking around RoyaleAPI, it becomes quite obvious that the other buildings are in need of some love. Bomb Tower has balanced stats currently(15% Use, 54% Win) so you can't really make an argument for it. It's super strong, I will not deny that, this is especially noticeable in Splashyard and Miner Wall Breakers, its two best decks. But again, this raises the question. Is Bomb Tower truly OP, or is it just that other defensive buildings aren't that good? Let's take a look:

Tesla(5% Use/43% Win)

Cannon(1% Use/25% Win)

Inferno Tower(3% Use/35% Win)

I'm not going to be including Mortar and Xbow in this category because they're mainly win conditions.

Looking at the other buildings, it's quite clear what the issue is. Lack of competition

Sure, these 3 are good in their own respective decks(2.6, 2.9, and LogBait) but after that, there's not much use. Tesla is in a few bait variations but that's about it, and IT is in B-Rad's Miner Poison, but that deck is pretty much dead at this point anyways. The problem might not actually be Bomb Tower itself, it's just that the current buildings are underpowered. Bomb Tower is also the only one that can survive an Earthquake with enough HP to defend. Tesla and IT survive with a tiny bit of HP, but lifetime decay finishes them off right after, same with Cannon, which leaves only Bomb Tower. Furthermore, the recent buff to Earthquake, allowing it to hit underground Teslas(an unnecessary change, mind you) was the final nail in the coffin for Tesla, which, pre-EQ buff was the only actual BT competitor left. With Tesla out of the way, BT truly has no competition.

Royal Hogs being prevalent in the meta further increases the need for Bomb Tower. Inferno just gets overwhlemed, and both cannon and tesla need some sort of support, such as an ice spirit, to counter the Royal Hogs. Decks with RH also happen to have EQ, which, as I mentioned earlier, pretty much wipes these buildings out. Bomb Tower, however, with its splash damage, can take out Royal Hogs even with Earthquake, making it a strong pick and a reliable counter, whereas the other buildings suffer. Because Bomb Tower has splash, even with EQ, the Royal Hogs are not able to get passed it. So, because of this pseudo-immunity to EQ(has enough HP to last longer after an EQ than the other defensive buildings), its splash damage for the Royal Hogs, Elixir Golem, and the newly buffed/reworked Spawners, and the general underpowered nature of the other buildings all lead to an overused Bomb Tower.

Bottom Line: The other buildings need buffs, period, full stop. Tesla, Cannon, and IT are too niche, and too weak in the current meta to actually be effective. Earthquake keeps them down and out, leaving BT as the only building that can funcion in a spawner, earthquake dominated meta. I have some ways I'd buff them but these are not final drafts and I'll be making new balance changes later on.

Possible Solutions:

Tesla: Damage Buff to 216(from 190), Hit Speed to 1.2(from 1.1)

This change allows Tesla to one shot "loggable units" but to compensate, it now hits .1 second slower. This is an overall DPS increase of 8. Currently, Tesla's DPS is 172, this change would bring it to 180. Or if necessary, let EQ continue to hit Tesla while underground on top of these changes so Tesla itself isn't out of control.

Cannon: Hitspeed to 0.7(from 1)

Cannon used to have 0.7 hitspeed but was later nerfed, or reworked. It got more damage but got a much slower hitspeed to compensate, severly nerfing its ability to deal with cards like Graveyard but instead, buffing its anti-tank abilities. This was a good change, however, cannon is still only used in Hog 2.6. This change would be an overall DPS buff from 175 to 250. This is a huge change, but it would allow Cannon to better deal with Royal Hogs. With this change, Cannon would take out the Royal Hogs in less time overall, while still having the same damage stat, and would indirectly nerf Graveyard. Cannon might finally be viable in something other than Hog 2.6.

Inferno Tower: Lifetime to 35 seconds

The 30 second HP change is what killed Inferno. No explanation really necessary as this topic's been done to death at this point. 35 seconds is a happy medium between the current 30 and the old 40.

Conclusion The point of this post was the raise the question "Is Bomb Tower OP or are the other buildings just underpowered." In my opinion this is how balance changes should be approached. The use/win rates of competitor/similar cards matter just as much as the use/win rates of dominant card. Another example is Mini PEKKA. Is MP actually OP, or are the other tank killing units(besides PEKKA obvi) just underpowered? This will be a future post, but anyways, in conclusion, I want to end off with that question, "Is s Bomb Tower OP or are the other buildings just underpowered" because I feel it's an interesting take on the current state of the meta, rather than the current trend of hopping on the "NERF IT NOW111!11!1!!!" bandwagon the majority of this sub seems to hop on whenever something becomes popular.

All stats were taken from here: https://royaleapi.com/cards/popular?cat=GC&mode=grid&time=7d&sort=usage

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