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Ideas for underleveled cards?

Soul Crusher

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This probabaly has been discussed before, but I am just curious to see how many people struggle with underleveled cards.

I have played the game for an year now and have purchased every single pass royale up to now and I buy the x4, x5 deals from time to time.

Im 8000 xp away from king tower level 13 and I get to 6300 trophies on average.

So far I only have 1 deck maxed out, and I get that leveling up should require dedication so that we do not get sick of the game. For me, I generally enjoy the slow grind, and it really makes my day when I add another maxed out card to my collection.

I am now at a stage where I have collected all the cards required for level 13 for over 10 cards, but I have less than 10000 gold.

The problem is, for people like me who mostly play ladder, we are forced to play one deck for such a long time before we can use another maxed out deck. Even if you just wanna swap out a single card for another just to try the card out, you would need soo much gold just to lev the card up.

This is, of course, assuming that you have the cards required to level up the card, which requires even more gold. From a level 11 card to 13 requires 150000 gold and leveling a level 11 deck to 13 requires a whooping total of 1200000 gold.

Im a P2P player and I still cannot level up my cards to save my life.

New cards get added and yet we are rewarded the same amout of gold, if not less (correct me if I am wrong). I saw that the bonus bank of pass royale now collects up to 25000 gold per month, and i am thankful. But what differerence is that going to make honestly?

A simple, and reasonable solution could be this:

  1. Simply provide us with more gold. $70 to level up a single card from 11 to 13 is ridiculous. The more cards are added, the bigger of a problem this becomes. The reward system needs a rework in my opinion.

  2. Let us choose which cards we want for the level boost every month. I get that Supercell wants us to try out the new cards, so still do that but on top of that, just let us try out 1 or 2 maxed out cards by our choice. This allows us to try out new cards and decks on ladder, but we would still have to evetually level up the cards. This could even be a feature of the pass royale, which I thinm would be a very appealing offer for many people who do not already buy the pass.

I just want to know how many people struggle with this lack of gold and if you feel me, please upvote so the devs can see.


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