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Clash Royale needs something game changing.

Soul Crusher

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Like, not in a hypothetical way or watered down way. I literally mean game changing. An update that is worth the YEARS of waiting. Like c’mon- you have the other Supercell Teams being proactive with their community, namely Brawl Stars. Then you have new gimmicks and mechanics that feels fresh, which is Clash of Clans.

Then ya fucking look at Clash Royale. And say, “Oh I remember that dude that came outa a’ box”. C’monnnnnn. This game needs Mystical rarity cards or an actual impactful Clan Wars revamp. I’ve recently came back from an 1.5yr break and I’m fucking disappointed that whenever I go to the Brawl Stars subreddit. This game is the laughing stock of laziness and desperation of creativity. Supercell Team, step. Up. Your. Game.

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