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Fisherman DESPERATELY needs a buff.

Soul Crusher

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First of all, some data.

Fisherman is the least used card in top 1000 ladder, with below 1% use rate and 46% use rate, he can’t find any place in the meta because his unique ability is useless, due to the incredibly slow (1.5s) hook speed, and the fact that he can’t oneshot knife goblins.

What are my ideas for a buff? Fisherman was too op after the first buff, when its hook speed stood at 1s, so I suggest bringing its hook speed at 1.2s and buffing its damage by 5%, enough for him to take out goblins.

The fisherman would stay a niche card, since the meta revolves about cycle decks (I love cycle decks) right now, and he would not fit in 90% of the decks.

I am open to criticism as long as it’s not straight up insults.

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